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Dupple’s Ultimate Christmas Guide!

Hello Penguins,

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year….” Christmas is here! Can you believe it that a year has gone so quickly?! I can still remember last year, good times.

Anywho, let’s get on with this year! Let’s take a look:

Deck The Halls Igloo Contest (Finished):

Yay! We’ve got another Igloo Contest where we can try and win. The Igloo Contest is from 18th – 20th December! I’d get you Igloos done because it’s only this weekend! I really hope I win this year. So, if you want to enter the contest, you have to click on the Golden Igloo in your Igloo:

Then, an image like this will come up:

Click “Yes”. Then, this will pop up:

Click “Okay” and you’re done. Now, don’t change your igloo until after the Weekend is over! The Judges will come and judge your igloo. I love these contest. I’m gonna win…..hopefully.


Free Items:

Now, this year there is only one Free Item for Non-Members. Unfortunately, it’s the Santa Hat….again. Oh well, it’s still a good item and an essential piece to a Christmas Outfit.

The Santa Hat is located in Ski Village. As you can see with my penguin, the Santa Hat is a must have. Even if you’ve got it, it’s a great piece of clothing to have.

Santa’s Workshop:

Woo hoo! Santa’s Workshop is back and is located in the Lounge (Above the Night Club). You’re probably wondering: “What’s so special about that?” Well, it’s where you can make lots of toys and pretend to be Santa. Alos, it is where the Sled Ride is located:

So, check it out. It’s soo cool. Last year, me and my buddies pretended to be Elves and I was Santa. It was soo much fun. You should try it…….

Sled Ride (Members Only):

Finally, it’s what we’ve all been waiting for. The Sled Ride. Now, what you have to do is to try and drop  presents down the Chimney’s of Igloos. Believe me, it’s alot harder than it looks:

Here are what the circles mean:

  • Green: Fly
  • Red: Land
  • Blue: Push The Button To Drop Presents

Now, when you have done that, you get a prize. Yay, we love prizes, right……?:

I had to use a different Penguin because I already had it on my Dupple Account. Well, as you see, it’s the Santa Suit from the Series 5 Treasure Book. I was about to unlock it today, but luckily I saw it before I did. Sorry for all you guys that unlocked it. It’s a bit unfair really.

So, what do you guys think of the party? I’ve got one word to say….AWESOME!!! Comment.


19 Responses

  1. This is soo awesome….right?

  2. Yeah it is! It’s the best party of the year! Btw nice post!
    What if You, Cordex and me make a christmas party! Woulsn’t that be cool? Well, you know where to find me. But if you don’t see me there (on Horrid’s chat) then leave a comment on my blog!
    Your friend Jengoo!

  3. What do you use to edit your pics? I really want to know!

  4. Hi, great post there.
    Remember you need to put the widget you made me on your sidebar.

  5. hey dupple, it would be great if you read my newest post. And hopefully you can post the newest updates for me. thanks

  6. Hey!

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    -Oliver @ The Funny Penguin!

  7. Please add me to your blogroll !Your on mine
    it would mean alot

  8. Secret Agent-

    Tour Guide-


    Fire Ninja Widget-

    Pin Tracker-

    Like em?Use em if you want

  9. Hey dupple i havnt seen you much on xats its proberly about our diffrient time zones anyways nice blog


  10. Hey Dupple 😀
    Nice site 😉
    I saw you at Monchocho’s Party

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