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Club Penguin Times Issue 222#

Hello Penguins,

It’s that time already! The new Newspaper is out. Yay. This week, we’re all focused on the Mine because of the Rock Slide. It’s very odd, right? More information about that later. Let’s take a look at the front cover now:

Like I said, lots of stuff about the Mine. I think it has something to do with a Party, but Club Penguin haven’t said anythin about a Party. Let’s go further into this Topic.

Rockslides At The Mine:

Now, there has been alot of comotion around the Mine. People think it’s Herbert P. Bear, other peolle think it’s a new room. Well, I think that it has something to do with the New Furniture coming out. Let’s take a look at what Rory saids:

Well, Rory said that he has no idea what it is. It could be Aliens for all we know, but I can asssure you, it isn’t. Well, I think we should all keep an eye out on the Mine, okaay?

New Furniture Gonna ‘Rock’:

Yippiee. There is new furniture coming out tomorrow and it’s gonna ‘rock’. This furniture has gone all pre-historic since the play – Penguins That Time Forgot. There will be lots of cave couches – like the exclusive we showed you – chairs, tables & even a Cave Igloo. Take a look:

Funky, right? I think that this furniture is gonna rock. Also, the furniture in Catalogs are usually tide in with a Party. So maybe, that’s what it is in the Mine. Well, we’de love to know what your favourite item would be.

What’s Up With The Underground:

The recently rockslide has got Penguins wondering about the Undeground. Why is it there? Well, Gary doesn’t really know either. From when he can remember, the Underground has always been there. But, Penguins didn’t dig it out, then who did?

Now, when I started Club Penguin in 2007, the Underground was already there. Bt, it’s always been there. So, was there someone living on Club Penguin already? Was it Herbert P. Bear? All these questions will be answered next week.

Upcoming Events:

So, what’s coming soon? Well, there will be a New Better Igloos Catalog, a New Igloo UPgrades Catalog and a New Pin. Cool, right? Well, I can’t wait to see the New Catalogs tomorrow, can you?

Remember to comment. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Cool right?

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