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Dupple's Mini Giveaway!

Hello Penguins,

Since I got 21,000 Hits and that all of you – my awesome fans – have helped me got this, I’m gonna have a Mini Giveaway! You guys deserve it! After all, you lot are awesome!

 I will be giving away 3 Card-Jitsu Fire Codes to all of you tomorrow – Saturday 23rd January. All the codes will be given within an hour. Here are the times for the Giveaway:

Card-Jitsu Fire Code #1:  Used By Spike Man8

Card-Jitsu Fire Code #2:  Used By Bakubro

Card-Jitsu Code #3:  Used By Ivan6514    

Card-Jitsu Code #4:  Used By ………….

Well, that is all the times. I hope you win and I’m doing this all for you guys! Also, to keep track of when I’m gonna be giving the codes, Follow me on Twitter.

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50 Responses

  1. its already past 10 PST

  2. oh right its tommorow, lol im stupid.

  3. Hello Dupple!
    Celebrate 1,000 hits on my site coming soon!

  4. cant wait

  5. Ok cool! 😀 Oh and I’m reaching you! 😉 Nearly 15 k. 😉

  6. Kool! I can’t wait! I have 16 k.

  7. is it starting

  8. I HOPE I WINZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 15 MIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. IM NURVISE!!!!!!!!!

  11. 10!



  14. 2 min!


  16. i know. i like it when there are 10 or less on. that makes it way easier

  17. Can’t be asked to enter lol, I’m working on other stuff, Good luck to all of u XD

  18. nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. It wasnt me 😦 😦 Gratz for the winner

  20. congrats Yankeymetro

  21. Thanks for the code! and sorry for the poeple that didnt win,

  22. congrats!

  23. i won the code heres a pic http://twitpic.com/ze6qo

  24. cool site… Congrats Yankeymetro

  25. i never win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats to winer

  26. Just kidding

  27. i never win 😦 congrats win

  28. GOSH DARN IT! I would have probably gotten it. I copied and i accidently left clicked and the highlighting erased! ughhh

  29. grrr I never win congratulations to the winners

  30. I won DUPPLE Thanks.Here are 2 pics :


  31. It was me see my last comment 😀

  32. I will be very happy if you make giveaways every month 😀

  33. yes do it!

  34. Yes Yes Give us another

  35. i lost! ohh well!

  36. COngratz to the winner.It wasnt me 😦 ;( 😦

  37. congrats the winner

  38. congrats winer do u have still one code xD

  39. hey that a incorect code

  40. Dang it! It’s already been used!
    Can you just tell me a code please????

  41. i lost!

  42. Why are you chatting here?! Oh and Dupple, Zengrong is out of contest, he’s not sadisfied(did I say it correctly) with his header and you can get to his spot. 😉

  43. Dupple I have 3 questions,
    how do u take pictures on the computer without printing them?
    And how do u embed codes to put banners and stuff?
    I know how to put ur own headers but how do you write on them and how do u add more stuff to it?
    Plz answer back!

    • I forgot 1 more question I need to ask!
      How do u put ur own picture/icon thing,
      because OBVIOUSLY mine stinks! Its just a red wordpress pattern!
      Plz answer back!

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