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Dupple's 25,000 Hits Party!

Hello Penguins,

Are you ready to party with Dupple?! Well, this is your chance to party with Dupple and get added by him. This party is to thank all of you loyal fans for helping me get 25,000Hits! I’m so happy! Well, here is the information:

Well, that’s the information! I can’t wait for this party, it’s gonna rock so much! Also, you like the invitation? – I made it! Also, as you’re my awesomely awesome fans, I might, might give out a Coin Code after the party as I’m getting more on Friday!

Hope to see ‘ya’ll there! Remember to comment if you can!


54 Responses

  1. I Can’t Wait!
    Gonna Rock, Right?

  2. ill be there 😉

  3. i hope i can make it!

  4. I can make it, will you remind everyone on Twitter? I have a lotta parties to go to.

  5. Awesome, I’ll be there!

  6. ill be there dupple cya then 🙂

  7. Yay A Club Penguin Party I Will Be There 🙂

  8. Sure I can come! 😉

  9. Hey buddy,
    Great invitation and btw my penguin name is weemadwalker.
    Im your buddy on cp,
    Well yep im coming.
    Want some card-jitsu codes as a give away 😛

  10. i am soooooooooo going to be there!

  11. Dupple. remember my party… Cphorrid.com

  12. This party is 2 days after my birthday so I can come! 🙂

  13. I can probably come!

  14. Wow Great IM Comin!

  15. 😀 comin

  16. I think I can come!

    (~Double Mvp~)

  17. i am 99% sure that i am coming
    and 1% sure that i won’t come 😀 😛

  18. Im so sorry Dupple I cant come cuz my gf is having a party on that day (<== I have to go there otherwise ill get killed… x]) Next time ill come!

  19. Ill Probably Be Ther!

  20. Coming to my party? Details at – http://clubpenguincooler.com/ <— I'll make you a VIP guest! 😉

  21. Hey There!
    It’s Ayush here..
    Wow!, you make great posts and I love your site! http://clubpenguincheatswebsite.com ! Thanks if you read this and for your time!
    Also, do you want a series 6 toy code? Well, I’m giving them away on my twitter ( http://twitter.com/AyushCP ). So start following me on my twitter 😀
    -Ayush | Club Penguin CW
    PS: Vist my chat if u can 🙂

    I would be really glad if you comment 🙂

  22. I’m coming, also why ain’t u posting.

  23. Sure ill Come Buddy 🙂

    ~Oreo2319, http://oreo2319cp.com

  24. SATURDAYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hey Dupple,
    Can I be a special guest?
    It would help me a lot!

  26. its on sunday and Dupple’s favorite server is Sleet.
    I met him.

  27. Awesome, but I want at the end of the party you gibe away a coin code AND a card jitsu code. Thanks.

  28. sorry cant come got church

  29. Let me guess Dupple, Fjord is one of your fav servers. Or it could be slippers. Maybe Mammoth. Yukon? Yeti? Well I cant guess, there are 133 servers. AND yes, I did count them. Winter Land? Beanie?
    what is your fav server?

  30. I’ll be there mostly add me as VIP

  31. Cooool!! congratulations on 25,000 hits buddy!! and yeah.. i’ll be there!!

  32. Dupple!! Can you please post yesterday’s catalog on my site for me!? I can’t do it now, cuz im so busy! Plz! Thanks SO much 🙂

  33. I can come! 😉


  34. i hope ill make it

  35. what time is it in UK?

  36. ok thanks 😉

  37. Hey Dupple, what site do you use to download stripe patterns for banners, headers, etc.?

    (~Double Mvp~)

  38. dupple,were waiting for you at the coffee shop!

  39. dupple come its just getting boring

  40. How do you post in colors?
    DM Me
    by following

  41. I am There now.

    Also check out my site: http://sites.google.com/site/puppypaws3scheats/ .


    -Puppy paws 3

    PS:Your da Best Dupple!!

  42. Hey Dupple!
    Its me Chloe ??
    Well Anyway Yeah Im Deffo Coming!
    Its Starting Soon!
    Im in the Coffee Shop Waiting!
    Hope I See you there!
    Well Obv I Will Lol!
    Im Filming It By the Way!!
    P.S Dupple Your Soooo AWESOMEE!!
    I Cant waitt till the party starts!!!! 😀

  43. thank god I sneaked on.

  44. Dupple?
    Is That All ?
    Is The Party Over ?? 😦
    Please dont say it is 😦
    Please Comment Back!!! 😦 😦

  45. is gonna be a 30,000 hits party?

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