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Membership Updates!

Hello Penguins,

I was looking around the Club Penguin Website when I found out that the Membership Updates have been updated! Now, I have to say that this looks pretty cool as there are some new clothes on there. Wanna look? Are you sure? 100% sure? Really? Okaay…

Cool, right? If you can’t read it, it saids:

  • New Pet Furniture For Your Puffles!
  • New Clothing Styles To Show You’re A Puffle Fan!
  • A Puffle Show – Staring Your Puffles!
  • A Surprise All Puffle Fans Need To See To Believe!

Well, doesn’t this look cool for all Members. I can’t wait for the Clothing Catalog. Actually, I can’t wait for it all. It’s gonna rock! What do you think? Comment.


8 Responses

  1. Those Outfits Look Sick!

  2. that white puffle swetter looks horible

  3. Congratz Dupple On Monchocho Site Author!

  4. Lucky!!!Dupple you get to work EVERYWHERE dude.Plz ask johnny if he’ll add me as an author!He said he would like 3-5 weeks ago so can you check with him on that for me buddy?

  5. Hey Dupple.
    I actually used Club Penguin CP’s picture an re sized it and all that stuff and added a drop shadow to add some flare to it… sory if you think it is yours… I’ll try to be more original next time! 😀

    Also, you use Adobe Photoshop CS4, correct? Thanks! Also, one more thing. I can’t believe you get picked as an author everywhere! That is totally awesome! Congrautlations… I got an offer from Champ334 to work on his site, but I had to decline becuase his site gave my computer problems!

    (~Double Mvp~)

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