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Dupple's Puffle Party!

Hello Penguins,

I think it’s time to party, again! Lol. I know we’ve just had a party for getting me 25,000 Hits, but as it was such a sucess I wanted to have another one. This isn’t gonna be like a major, major party. But, just like a medium party. So, are you ready to party at…Dupple’s Puffle Party!

I’ve made a Party Time Chart below so you can check the times of when the party will be. Check it out…

When It Is 1:00PM PST, It Is…

  • 4:00PM EST
  • 3:00PM CST
  • 2:00PM MST
  • 1:00PM PST
  • 9:00PM UK
  • 6:00AM Austrailia

Well, I hope that you can all come. It’s gonna be so much fun, I hope. Remember to tell all of your friends and also to make this more fun, I’m gonna throw in a code at the end of the party.

Coin Code:  Used By Staly Vegas & Ice Melters

Well, remember to comment if you can come. Hope to see you all there. Bring Your Puffles!


66 Responses

  1. Woo Hoo! Let’s Party Guys!
    Remember: Bring Your Puffles!

  2. Nice I Can Come

  3. Yeah I think I Can Come So Yeah Most Likley.


  4. ill see you there 😀
    will you add me??

  5. lol yeah ofcourse

  6. Coming also DM or email me or PC the Bunny pic unwatermarked if you will PLZZZZZZZZZZ!I think I can make it .Are you coming to my winter party the day before?
    and it should be one of the post on that page :_)

  7. I’ll come, but i’ve got lots of puffles, but i’ll bring my red one

  8. I am sooooooooooo coming My penguin is Henry 54321
    And i will bring my black puffle see ya there!

  9. Hey Dupple

    Its The Club Penguin Here. You Have A Very Nice Website

  10. nice
    i will come! 😀
    congrats Dupple
    you got 30.000 views on your blog (site)

  11. I think I will be able to come

  12. im coming


  14. PARTY TIME Of Course I CAN COME But make me a VIP LOL 😀 😀 😀 Party ON!!!

  15. whats the font which says “yours”

  16. OMG DUPPLE !
    IM SOOO GUNNA BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LoveYah! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x

  17. I hope my membership stays cause its gonna end in a week. If it ends, well I going to dress in my unlocked items. Hopefully I can come…….

  18. I’ll be there!!!

  19. Im going

  20. Ok.. THIS TIME! I CAN COME!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT! PARTY ON DUPPLE!!!

  21. P.S. My membership can hold it! It expires the 23rd! To bad though. But I’ll be a member at your party!

  22. i think i can come but what time will it be in uk

  23. dupple u deleted me and u were a nice frend so please can u add me again on your party i will come.
    fromECHO ONE

  24. i can come il bring my puffle

  25. Dude wat is that font u use, where it says bring your puffles I been looking for it, but i cant find it, if you like, I could give you a font back,

    ~Pjtaz97 thnx

  26. dupple what time will it be in the uk for the party

  27. Cool im coming!

  28. im goin!! My penguin name:

  29. yes but wat time in EST

  30. Dupple, Hockeysocks 3 has been copying yours and my posts!! Scroll around and you’l recognize posts by YOU AND ME. —>

    I am going to tell him to stop or get his blog deleted.

    (~Double Mvp~)

  31. Did you say I could have an ad “you know why” for 1 month? If so please don’t add it until I am ready! 🙂

    (~Double Mvp~)

  32. Join This Cool Army:


  33. Emmm hi Dupple your site awsome 🙂 I dont know what time will be in Norway 😦 Meaby i will come or … I WILL WAIT ALL DAY xD Yeah see ya !

  34. Hey Dupple,
    I can make a self-hosted blog for you if you want. Contact me @ http://clubpenguincm.wordpress.com/

  35. Hey Dupple Im Having A 500 Hits Party 2day Just Check Out My Site For The Info And Im coming to your party ill try!

  36. im sorry dupple i didnt know that your party was At 1:00pst for my party i just came up with that time i didnt mean to im so sorry but i hope u can foregive me and i hope we can still be friends and friends on club penguin but i will really try to come for a half of your party i will try to see you there!! CYA!


  37. Youre mean you removed me on cp,

  38. I´m so coming dude!

  39. Hey Dupple Can U Add Me Again??

  40. i can come now!

  41. I will be coming!!!!! You rock Dupple also I LOVE the new header it’s amazing!!!

  42. Lol, I gotta feeling your not gonna be the only one with a crowd… all my fans are coming as well! So 2 crowds in 1 party! Can’t wait & it’s gonna rock!

  43. Not fair…. I worked hard for my blog and I only have about 4 fans… And I have CSS, domain and I don’t ignore all my fans comments… I reply! 😡
    I might delete me site….

  44. sup dupple u rock remember me its leecrb will your party is going to be awesome and i hope i get that coin code =D

  45. 😦 i don think i can make it in time for the coin code tomorrow. i have to go somewhere at that time, but ill try…

  46. Man, I wish I was there. 😦

    (~Double Mvp~)

  47. Dupple, Mentioned You And Ur Giveaway On My Site, my 1 MONTH MEMBERSHIP Giveaway in An Hour


  49. I won! Not on my account thought on my account ice melters! 😀 I won!!

  50. Don’t brag lolz

  51. really? i got it too! i don’t know what to unlock beacuase i have all in that page!


  53. what? know i can’t unlock nothing but the book appears me


  55. i won! XD but the items didnt add 😦

  56. told ya i won Rockyroad, Dock I can show you

  57. your lucky whoever won because heere it says try a gaing later

  58. where are you?

  59. Wow… Your site looks so Green – Ish! x] Congratz bro for hosting. ;]

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