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February ‘Better Igloos’ Catalog Cheats!

Hello Penguins,

To go with the Puffle Parties theme, there are some new Puffle Furniture in the ‘Better Igloos’ Catalog. Cool, right? Well, this Catalog is pretty cool now, Let’s take a look at the Front Cover:

Pretty cool, right? There are two new pages of this ‘Better Igloos’ Catalog. So, let’s take a look at them, shall we? One of them has some old, but rare items on and the other has some Puffle Posters on. Look:

Well, that’s the page with the old, but rare items on. Pretty cool, right? I like the Puffle Guard. Now my Puffle’s can’t escape. Finally! Here’s the page with the Puffle Posters:

Pretty cool, right? I’ve got all of those posters. When the Orange Puffle is released, do you think there will be an Orange Puffle poster? Who knows. There is only one new cheat in this catalog:

  • Click On The Mailbox To Get The Blue Lamp – Page 2.

Well, that’s it guys. Hope you’ve read my Puffle Party Guide. If not, Click Here. Remember to comment.


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  1. Cool, Right?

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