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Dupple’s Puffle Party Ultimate Guide!

Hello Penguins,

The Puffle Party is here. After much preperation and anticipation, the Puffle Party is here. This year’s Party looks so cool from what I have seen. Well, lets not waste any time. Let’s get this Party Guide started…

Now…What shall we start with? Free items, Rooms, Member events. Hmm….? I think we should start with all the different rooms. Shall we?

Rooms You Should Go See:

Now, in some of the rooms they are dedicated to a colour of the puffle. All of the rooms are pretty cool, but here are the Puffle rooms with something you should do in that room:

Purple Puffle (Nightclub):

  • Look at everything in this room as it’s awesome.
  • What happened to the Green Puffle on the speaker?

Pink Puffle (Iceberg):

  • Join in with the skipping or trampolining.
  • Look for a very curious Pink Puffle with a green snorkel

Red Puffle (Cove):

  • Try and count all of the Puffles.
  • What happens if you hover your mouse over the cannon on the ship?

Blue Puffle (Forest):

  • Play with your friends in the Ball Pit.
  • Pretend to hide underneath the 2 Blue Puffles with the ball and say ‘I’m a talking Puffle’.

Yellow Puffle (Lighthouse):

  • Stand on the platform to get your penguin painted by the Yellow Puffle.
  • Hover your mouse over the snow and see a sculpture be built before your very eyes.

Green Puffle (Beacon):

  • Look at the Green Puffle on the tight-rope.
  • Try and find the Green Puffles having a Puffle conversation.

Black Puffle (Cave):

  • Look at the Black Puffles on the skateboards do some tricks.
  • What happens if you close the windows?

White Puffle (Mine):

  • Look at the White Puffles skate around you.
  • See the White Puffles on the shelves. What do they do?

Well, that’s all the rooms done. I think we should go onto the Memebr Circus now, don’t you?

Member’s Puffle Circus:

In this year’s Puffle Party, there is an only member event called ‘Puffle Show’ To get to the Puffle Show, go to the Ski Village and then go into the ‘Puffle Show’ Tent. Basically, you and your Puffle go into an assult course and your puffle will go around the course. Cool, right? Take a look:

Pretty cool, right? Also, if you click on either ‘A’,  ‘B’ or ‘C’ woth your Puffle, it will go on the podium and if you go over to the Hair Sallon, your Puffle can have a hair cut. How cool is that?!

Free Items:

There are 2 items that you can get for your penguin during this Puffle Party. One of them is a Puffle Hat that is located at the Plaza and the pther one is a Puffle Jacket located at the Puffle Show. The Puffle Jacket is only for members though. Take a look at these items:

How cool are they? I am so happy there are more than 1 free items at this Party. I love the Puffle Jacket, it’s so cool. Also, if you take your Puffle around with you, the decorations will change to that Puffle’s colour.

Thanks for reading this guide and I hope that it helped you with the Puffle Party. Comment if it helped you.


11 Responses

  1. That guide is the best, right?

  2. It started early! And my guide is better than yours… just joking! Your post has excellent depth!

    (~Double Mvp~)

  3. Where do you download brushes that expand from the center? Please reply on my site.

    (~Double Mvp~)

  4. Amazing !Can you come to my party tommorow xD ?Its at 5:30 PST
    8:30 EST can you make it?If so comment please

  5. can u add this to my blog tnx!!!! ur a good frend! ur not like the mean popular ppl! ur a nice one :]

  6. plz!!!!!!


  8. dupple why did you delete me why if its just because im not a member tell me im going to be at your party with crazedfire34 so plz next time dont delete me thnx 🙂

  9. Hey Dupple!
    I have to ask you your party is 1pm cp time??
    Or our time???
    plz anwser


  10. OMGOMG
    2.Howd you get salty to tweet you

  11. Are ya gonna post a party review?

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