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Orange Puffle: A Mini-Guide!

Hello Penguins,

The time has finally come where we can adopt the Orange Puffle. Woo hoo. We can get this cute little critter from the Pet Shop. Now, I’m going to show you a little guide about the Orange Puffle and what it can do.

Yippiee doo! Let’s get this mini guide underway. What shall we start with? Dance moves? Personality? So much to choose from.

History Of The Orange Puffle:

The Orange Puffle was discovered in the Box Dimension just before the Puffle Party ’10. Puffle Experts say that it originated from the Box Dimension. It floated in it’s own box every so often. It was also spotted in the Ski Lodge in the Cuckoo Clock. During the Puffle Party, it came to the Ski Village on the Ski Lift. It was very cool.

Pretty funky, isn’t he. Well, maybe we’ll learn more about this strange Puffle and where he came from in a couple of weeks. Comment at the end of this post.

Buying The Orange Puffle:

The Orange Puffle is available to buy from the Pet Shop. To get to the Pet Shop; log into Club Penguin, go to the Plaza and then go into the Pet Shop. Click On The ‘Adopt A Puffle’ Catalog and adopt him. Here is his page in the Catalog:

Isn’t he cute? Lol. Now, to get the Orange Puffle. Click ‘Adopt’ and a screen like this should appear:

Click ‘Yes’ obviously if you want the Puffle and click ‘No’ if you don’t. Then, you’ll get to pick a name for your Puffle. Take a look:

I called my Puffle ‘Goofy’. But, you can call yours whatever you like. It could be Orangy, Bubbly or even Carrot. Now, when you click ‘Continue’ you’ll have a messgae saying your Puffle is in your Igloo. Also, you’ll get a Postcard like this:

Notice that the Postcard now has the Orange Puffle on. Cool, right? Now, your Puffle is in your Igloo. Have fun with your Puffle, and remember to keep it happy and healthy!

Caring For The Orange Puffle:

You now have your Orange Puffle. Let’s get ready to look after it, shall we? Here is a picture of your Orange Puffle’s Playercard. Just to say, the expression is very funny…

Cool, right? Now, here are some of the actions that the Puffle does when you: Feed it, Bathe it, Play with it and put it to sleep. Observe…

See…this Puffle is pretty cool. The ‘Playing’ one is amazing! He has a Monster Truck, he has a Monster Truck! I so want one now. Lol. I hope all my Puffles are jealous, I sure am.

Out And About:

The Orange Puffle likes to go out and about. His personality is ‘zany’ and ‘curious’. Meaning, he likes to go exploring and searching for this. Here is how the Orange Puffle looks on your Playercard…

He looks pretty cool on it, doesn’t he? Now, as you know when a Puffle dances, he does various moves. Well, here is the move that the Orange Puffle does…

The Orange Puffle swings a Hula-Hoop. How cool is that? I love Hula-Hoops and I so want one now. Haha. He swings his Hula-Hoop around and around himself. That is just…Amazing!

New Login Screen:

Also, to go with the Orange Puffle theme, Club Penguin have released a new Login Screen to do with Orange Puffles. Take a look at it…

Cool Login Screen, right? I love it that the Orange Puffle is pulling the Screen back. So original. This is one of my favourite Login Screens to date.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this guide. Tell your friends. Comment if it helped you.


6 Responses

  1. Did This Guide Help You?

  2. Awesome dude! Also, why do you and Walewaf have the same “Who is Amung Us” thingy ma bob? It shows who’s on yours and Walewaf’s site.

    (~Double Mvp~)

    • Omg, ur right! During my giveaway, i kept looking for the how many online but i couldnt find the rite HTML. then an admin put one on so that must have been dupple! Or maybe we just have the same people on our sites 😛 lol

  3. Hey, awesome guide. Only one mistake, well not exactly a mistake. In the picture of sleeping its just on a bed. He normally sleeps with a pillow and veeery deeply, trust me xD.

  4. Nice Post!

    That’s Kinda Spooky, ‘Cause Before I even read This (AWESOME!) Post, I was thinking about calling my “Goof” and Then I Thought “Gooph” Would Be a Bit Better. I Don’t Know Why. LOL. Anyway, What’s the name of that text you used on the word “Dupple” on the pic of the orange puffle in the box? Thanks,


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