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Dupple’s 50,000Hits Party!

Hello Penguins,

Are you ready to party with Dupple? Then, get your dancing outfits on and get ready to Part-ay! As I recently got 50,000Hits, I thought I’d have a Party to celebrate it. I love parties, do you. I hope this party will be the best party we’ve ever had at Dupple.Wordpress.com and we need you to make that happen. Take a look at the invitation below to find out the information for the party.

So, that’s the information. Now, as lots of my lovely fans live in different countries around the Globe. I’ve put together a little Time-Chart for the party. Take a look.

When It’s 11:00AM PST, It Is:

  • 2:00PM EST
  • 1:00PM CST
  • 12:00PM MST
  • 11:00AM PST
  • 6:00PM UK
  • 4:00AM Australia (Sunday)

Well, there is the little Time-Chart. If you live in Europe, just add how many hours you are ahead of UK Time. Also if you live in Asia, I don’t know what time it’ll be so you’ll have to work it out for yourself. Sorry.

I can’t wait for this party. It’s going to be awesome. Also, if you have Twitter, Click Here to tweet something. It’s already written for you, just click it and then ‘Tweet’.

Hope to see all of you guys there. Remember to comment if you can come!


32 Responses

  1. This Is Going To Rock…Right? 🙂

  2. Can’t come, too late for me! 😦

  3. But congratz!

  4. Awesome! I’ll sure visit it. Have you decided who the new author is?

  5. Your Gonna See Me Their!

  6. That’s funny because it’s the same time as my b-day party!! lol i might see you there

  7. Woot! Congratz Dupple! Ur beating me by 30,000. lol

  8. hmm, maybe I should make a quitting party.

  9. I’m gonna TRY to go. I got a lot on my memory and lets see if I can remember this! :S

  10. You know i HAVE TO COME!I will ask monkey O.o and maybe fill will b able to come ova Friday!If not then umm i’ll ask him

  11. i might come if my mom doesnt take away the computer :/

  12. I should be able to come

  13. Im ready to rock on 27th 🙂

  14. I might be in school! But I will come if I can!

    🙂 Sorry about the happy face!

  16. cool dupple ill be thear

  17. I can come but I will have to go after the first 30 minutes! Sorry about that!

  18. I hope I can come… I’m not entirely sure yet. One thing I’m sure of is the fact that this party will rock! 🙂

    -Double Mvp

  19. sorry dupple, i thibk i dont want to be an author anymore.. 😦
    -I will make my decision soon..

  20. 12:00pm PST is fine for me! I have to go to an interview at 13:00pm PST, so that’s great.

  21. Hey Dupple, how do you make lines that expand from the center? Please respond and don’t ignore me this time. 🙂

    -Double Mvp

  22. I hope I can make it and if I do please add em dupple because I once met you and you did not add me so please add me and I just found out about this website so I will contiue coming here

  23. I said em but I ment to say me

  24. I just realized I will not be in school! I will so be there!


    PS: Oh and Dupple I am already your friend so you don’t need to add me. My penguin is Tommy541

  25. I use GIMP to make graphics, but I think Photoshop comes with cool striped brushes.

    -Double Mvp

  26. Dupple, I don’t think I am allowed to get an MSN. 😦

    -Double Mvp

  27. im going!

  28. I don’t need the explanation too urgently, so you don’t have to bother worrying a lot. 😉

    -Double Mvp

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