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Dupple's April Fools Day Party + Giveaway!

Congratulations To SmallFry12 For Winning The Code. Here Is Some Proof – http://twitpic.com/1com4c

Hello Penguins,

I know I had a party today, but I want to have it so that everybody can come and I don’t have to change times. So…? Are you ready to part-ay? Well, come to Dupple’s Wacky April Fools Day Party! It’s going to be the wackiest party ever! Want to find out when it is? Look below.

Remember To Wear Wacky Outfits. I Might Post The Best Ones On The Blog.

Awesome, right? Now…as lots of my lovely fans live in different places around the Globe, I put together a little time chart. Take a look.

When It’s 10:00AM PST, It Is:

  • 1:00PM EST
  • 12:00PM CST
  • 11:00AM MST
  • 10:00AM PST
  • 6:00PM UK
  • 3:00AM Australia (Saturday)

Pretty cool, right? Now as I love you guys, I am going to give away a Series 7 Coin Code. This is no ordinary giveaway. You can not copy and paste the code. Now, the Orange Puffle in here isn’t very happy and will only release his code at 12:30PM PST – 1:00PM PST on Friday.

Well, I hope you will have fun with my party and my givaway. Remember to comment if you can come. See ‘ya there.


46 Responses

  1. I Can’t Wait! 🙂



  4. I think I can make it to this party!

    -Double Mvp

  5. I will be there Dupple! I promise!


  6. COMING for real this time xD

  7. i dont think i can make it, but ill try

  8. Stupid Box!! I won’t be able to participate because he won’t release his code a little earlier!!!!

  9. Your invited to be a special guest at Club Penguin Maniacz 10,000 hits Party!!!!!Go to http://cpmaniacz.wordpress.com/2010/03/28/club-penguin-maniacz-10000-hits-party/ and comment if you would like to be added to the special guests list

  10. in the post WHAT?

  11. Missed it cuz I was singing Baby by Justin Bieber watching KCA for the 3rd time lol

  12. :/ I thought it was gonna be on the box

  13. Hey!!!I Probarly won’t be able to come 😥 I might try 2 though!!!!!!!!!!!!P.S May I take your Pic if the Igloo Music?!? (Full Credit Givin!!)


    ~Beep Bop 223~

  14. Dupple are you ignoring me 😕 LOL!I know ur not, your just not answering me today 😛 Please comment on the 10,000 hits party post
    on http://www.CPManiacz.WordPress.Com to be a special guest :O

  15. oh, you will post a picture with the code in it. So you would be the one to copy it. COOL! Awesome! So you need to have fast-typing and timing skills!

  16. ok, 8:40..

  17. lookat @ your email if Billybob sent you something, LOL?

  18. ill be there cant wait

  19. Lots of posts! Lol… 😉

  20. Hey Dupple, Its Been A While Since I Was Last Here lol

  21. ill try to make it bud 🙂

  22. I WILL BE THERE! btw did u ever notice penguins dressing up as babies and going to the pet shop to be “adopted”? i have maybe u can post something about that? (most penguins do that on mammoth or yeti)

  23. I’m Sure I Can Come! :] You Rock, Dupple!


  25. Dupple, When is the Code getting Released from the Box?

  26. Dam! I had to go shopping! Im very sorry I missed it Dupple! I will certainly be at the next one. 😉

  27. I’ve never seen Staly Vegas comment on this site before…

  28. lolz its an MR.BOX APRIL FOOL!

  29. what what what

  30. Dear Dupple:

    I just really wanna know what the font is that you used on your invitation. Please let me know as soon as possible! Thanks!!

  31. Oh, and what is that name of the font on your header? Thanks! You have a great site by the way and I hope I win the code!!

  32. Dang it! I lost connection when I UNLOCKED the items!

  33. I had the code but it lost connection as sson as I entered it!

  34. Didn’t Win.

  35. I lost connection as SOON as I clicked DONE! That is SO unfair. This other penguin lost connection too0.

  36. It’s NOT THE END OF THE WORD!! There are ALWAYS more! ITs just a stupid code! SHEESH!

  37. Uhhhhh, Dupple, why did you delete my first comment? Aren’t you going to reply?

  38. PLease reply before I have to go get a manicre and pedicure and get my hair done and go shopping and I could go on for a long time but I don’t have any TIME!!

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