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DuppleCP.com Is Officially Self-Hosted!

Hello Penguins,

It’s done. http://www.DuppleCP.com is finally Self-Hosted. Woot woot. I can’t actually believe it myself. I got my domain yesterday and I’m already Self-Hosted. Isn’t that just awesome. How’d you like the site? Do you like the colours? How are the new widgets? Like them? So many questions!

This is just so exciting. Now, we’re still getting the Blog up with all the pages and stuff. So, don’t be expecting it to be perfect yet. Haha. I would like to say a big thank-you to Staly Vegas for Self-Hosting me. Everybody should go to his site as it rocks. Well, hope you will enjoy our site, and I’ll keep ‘ya posted on all the news.

Do you like the blog? Comment.


28 Responses

  1. Congratz bud! ;]

  2. w00000000000t!! Awesome!! its all green!! XD XD
    plz make a mods page 🙂

  3. Woo Hoo! 🙂

  4. Cool blog

  5. Cool!

  6. I’ve Been Betrayed. 😥 SALTY! :@

  7. Congr@tzzzz dupple!iThrowSelfHostPartyxD
    Lolzz jk!Good job buddy
    I love the theme 😀

  8. which domain did you buy?

  9. He bought hostgator!
    Proof @ http://www.dupplecp.com/Funny-Pictures/

    because it will say HostGator error
    Hope i helped cordex!Me and zilowe were
    going to buy a hostgator xD

  10. Nice site! I love green! 😀

  11. Congrats on getting Selfhosted, I guess you took my advice XP, I got the green Idea, I was gonna make my site green, cuz I luvv that color, I am gonna make my site green, K?

  12. Lolz,its funny…
    me and Fill420CP were talking about
    CSS the other day and he said
    he wanted a green athualpa :O

  13. Hey Dupple, nice site. You need to put in the adspace!

  14. Dude, it looks A-W-E-SOOOMMMEEE!!! Just design the comment box a little 🙂

  15. Dupple, your site is looking awesome. Congratulations on going self-hosted… and the green colors are very original! 😉

    I have one question, though. Was the host Salty used free, or does it cost money?

    -Double Mvp

  16. Great job dupple 😀
    Everyone is commenting 😀
    OMGZ 15th comment on this post 🙂

  17. @DoubleMVP
    Domain for hostgator(1 OF BEST DOMAIN)
    $7.95 Month
    however selfhosting is free
    Wordpress.Org or ismywebsite.com
    for selfhost xD
    Hope I could help!

  18. @Corwo Wait a second. Let’s say I get a free host to self-host my blog. Could I buy a Domain from WordPress for $15 a year?

    -Double Mvp

  19. @Doublemvp No !You have to buy domains from registrars now!WP Credits are no longer real :O I just found that out TODAY :O

  20. Awsome It’s All Up And Running :]

  21. Woot Woot! It Looks Awesome Dups! Congratulations, I Just Love It!


  22. OMGZ dupple email me ASAP!I found a great sneak peek 4 ya xD

  23. Cool! How did you do it?

  24. Congratz for getting Self-Hosted! 😉
    Awesome site design 🙂

  25. BTW, How much did you pay?

  26. Awesome site Dupple. I’m like your biggest fan

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