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Club Penguin Times Issue #236

Hello Penguins,

It’s time for the…Club Penguin Times. Woo hoo. That’s right. It’s a new Thursday meaning that the new issue of the Club Penguin Times is out. As you noticed, the Earth Day celebrations were put up on Club Penguin yesterday. So, there is some stuff to do with Earth Day in this Newspaper. Take a look.

Yippiee. Earth Day has finally started around the island. The decorations will be up ’til April 25th. So, if I were you I’d get those free items and start that Scavenger Hunt. Here are some bits of the Newspaper that we think you should read.

  • Celebrate Earth Day – A2 – A3
  • Recycling Begins As New Room Opens – A4 – A5
  • In Focus: The Night Club – B1 – B4
  • Upcoming Events – C5 – C6

(Don’t See The Image? Click Here)

So, that is what will be happening around Club Penguin in the weeks to come. I think you should check out the ‘Upcoming Events’ section. Why? Because Club Penguin will be having it’s annual Medieval Party on May 7th. I love this parties and I can’t wait for it. There are always so many things to do.

Are you excited for the Medieval Party? Comment your ideas.


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  1. OMGZ 1rst comment 😛
    Im soooooo glad ur bk dupple!I rlly hope you can get rehosted xD
    UROKZZ buddy!Great post 😀

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