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Club Penguin Toy Update

Hello Penguins,

I was browsing around the Disney Store just now and I found out some new toys there. Well, it’s not really a toy, but it’s some stationary. Yes, you can now get some stationary in the Club Penguin theme. Take a look at this ‘fluffy’ notbook below.

Pretty awesome, right? I think this is mostly for girls as I don’t think you’d see alot of boys having this in school, do you? Haha… Also, for all you penguin who live in the UK. Series 7 Club Penguin Toys have been released on the Disney Store Website.

Yippiee. Series 7 toys are now in the UK. I am so happy. Lol. I can now finally get some Series 7 Toys. Even though I haven’t got all of Series 5 or Series 6 yet. Haha. Also, they do have the Series 7 Mix ‘N’ Match toys in the UK aswell.

Are you happy English Penguins? If you are not English, do you have any of these toys? Comment.


Club Penguin Times Issue #236

Hello Penguins,

It’s time for the…Club Penguin Times. Woo hoo. That’s right. It’s a new Thursday meaning that the new issue of the Club Penguin Times is out. As you noticed, the Earth Day celebrations were put up on Club Penguin yesterday. So, there is some stuff to do with Earth Day in this Newspaper. Take a look.

Yippiee. Earth Day has finally started around the island. The decorations will be up ’til April 25th. So, if I were you I’d get those free items and start that Scavenger Hunt. Here are some bits of the Newspaper that we think you should read.

  • Celebrate Earth Day – A2 – A3
  • Recycling Begins As New Room Opens – A4 – A5
  • In Focus: The Night Club – B1 – B4
  • Upcoming Events – C5 – C6

(Don’t See The Image? Click Here)

So, that is what will be happening around Club Penguin in the weeks to come. I think you should check out the ‘Upcoming Events’ section. Why? Because Club Penguin will be having it’s annual Medieval Party on May 7th. I love this parties and I can’t wait for it. There are always so many things to do.

Are you excited for the Medieval Party? Comment your ideas.

Earth Day Party Ultimate Guide

Hello Penguins,

It’s finally happened. Earth Day has arrived to Club Penguin. Woot woot. The island has turned all green. It’s gone eco-friendly too. Awesome, right? Everywhere you look is green, green and guess what?…Even more green. Haha. Now, there is a Scavenger Hunt at this party. So, I’m going to show you were all the items are.

Firstly, you have to click on the ‘Recycling Box’ in the top right-hand corner to start the Hunt. It’s right next to the ‘M’ badge. No idea where it is? Take a look.

Once you’ve clicked that, it’ll come up with a riddle of where an item is. Now, sometimes these riddles are hard. So, we’ve got all the items for you.

The first item is a broken tea cup and is located in the Coffee Shop. Once you’ve got that item, another riddle will come up.

The next item is a spilled box of Puffle Os and is located in the Pet Shop. Once you’ve collected that item, another riddle is set for you.

That’s right, it’s a Cream Soda Barrel which is located at the Cove. Maybe it was left by Rockhopper, who knows? Let’s find that next item.

It’s a Hot Sauce bottle which might of been left after we collected the fire items for the Sensei. After all, it is located at the Dojo.

It’s a Coffee Bean bag, probably left from the Coffee Shop below. Saying that, this item is located in the Book Room.

Tut, tut, tut. Whoever left that newspaper is evil. Haha… It’s a newspaper and is located in the Forest. What would Aunt Arctic say if she saw her work on the floor?…

Yummy, pizza. But, why’d you leave the box? Silly penguins. This item is a Pizza Box and is located at the Ski Village. Now, let’s get that last item.

Yay! We’ve collected all the items from the Scavenger Hunt. Once you’ve got that item. Click the ‘Claim Prize’ button and you’ll receive a lovely Recycle Pin.

Click ‘Yes’ and then you’ll have this awesome pin to show off on your Playercard. But that’s not all, it’s also the key to get into the Recycling Plant. Awesome, right?

That is just EPIC. It’s exactly how I wanted it to look. Do you remember the Sneak Peeks before that we showed you? Well, these are exactly like them. That’s why you should come to DuppleCP.com. Now, I think I am missing something…Oh yeah. The free items, or should I say item.

Awesome, right? It’s a Straw Hat item. If you wear it and dance, you’ll get a watering can and water the ground below you. I think that’s amazing. I hope you love this party. But, I do think that Club Penguin needs to add more free items, don’t you?

Comment your ideas about this party.

Club Penguin Earth Day Party Sneak Peeks

Hello Penguins,

Today, my friend JT9034 gave me some exclusives images of what the Mine Shack and the Recycling Plant will look like when Earth Day comes to the island. This is so exciting and I can’t wait for Earth Day to come so I can see these awesome rooms. Now, this is a very exclusive exclusive. Haha… Let’s take a look at these rooms, shall we?

Woah, how awesome does that look. Also, if you notice in the picture you can see some free items that might come out in the party. There is the Straw Hat and the Watering Can. Sweeeet. I can’t wait to get those items, can you? Now, let’s look at that Recycling Plant.

That looks epic. Also, you can see the control panel that Club Penguin gave us a sneak peek of. I can’t wait ’til the Earth Day party now because I now know that it’s going to be awesome. I love both rooms, do you?

Do you like these rooms? Make sure to comment on this super-exclusive.

Club Penguin Recycle Button

Hello Penguins,

As you know, Earth Day is coming to Club Penguin very soon. Around the island, everyone is getting ready to do whatever they can to make the island more eco-friendly. You can plant trees to help make the planet greener. Now, Club Penguin has added the ‘Recycle’ button to where the ‘Trash’ button used to be on ‘Penguin Mail’. Take a look.

I think this is a really good idea for Club Penguin. It’s all good having a party, but if you don’t do all of the bits on the island. Then, it’s pointless, right? I wonder what else they’ll add to the party. It’s the small things that count, isn’t it?

Do you like what Club Penguin did to the Postcards? Comment your ideas.

Reviewed By You

Hello Penguins,

That’s right, it’s time for another……….*Drum Roll*……….Reviewed By You! This is the part where you get to have your say in the Community Blog. Now, last week’s question was:

How Are You Going To Celebrate Earth Day At Home?

Lots and lots and lots of penguins tried to get there commented posted, but here is what that lucky penguin said. Take it away Jedi 2007!

I’m like an energy-saving machine, especially on Earth Day. I’m the leader of a club my freinds and I made up. We made up a plan to ask our teachers to unplug the electric pencil sharpener, and write a note on the board about Earth Day reminding students to recycle. We even convinced the lunch workers to add two recycling bins for milk cartons and stryofoam trays.We even donate money to buy trees.

As you know, Earth Day is fast approaching and there are lots of cool things happening. A Recycling Plant, a pathway to the Forest. Also, there are some exotic plants ready to be grown. So, this week’s question is:

What Would You Like To Be Seen Grown?

Remember to comment at the Community Blog your answer, and if you get picked you get 10,000 coins added to your account. Remember to give your name so they know who to add it to.

Club Penguin Series 8 Treasure Book

Hello Penguins,

Do you remember the Series 8 Plush toys I showed you? Well, the Series 8 Treasure Book is out aswell. Woot woot. I am so happy. This treasure book is pretty awesome. I love the exclusives as I have already unlocked some Series 8 items. Would you like to see the awesome Treasure Book? Sure? 100%? Positive. Let’s go then. Why were you waiting?

Front Cover:

Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 3:

Page 4:

Page 5:

Page 6:

Page 7:


That’s all the stuff in the Series 8 Treasure Book. The Super Exclusives and the Puffle Page are the same. I love this Treasure Book, especially the Exclusives. I’ve already unlocked the Purple Checkered Shoes and the green Skater T-Shirt. I think that the Crab costume is amazing. Haha…

What’s your favourite bit in this Treasure Book? Comment.