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Club Penguin Mascots

Hello Penguins,

There are many famous penguins that waddle around the island of Club Penguin. If you meet them, you are awarded a special background signed by them. Most of these famous penguins are known from the Penguin Times, a Famous Band or just work for Club Penguin. Here at DuppleCP.com, we are going to give you a run down of all the famous penguins that waddle around Club Penguin. Hopefully, one day you’ll meet them on the island.

Captain Rockhopper is a pirate penguins. He likes to go on adventures and find exclusive items. He sails the seas on his ship, the Migrator, searching for new things to discover. About every 2 months, he docks on the island of Club Penguin at the Beach to sell his items that he has found on his travels. Also, on his ship there is a game called ‘Treasure Hunt’. You can dig up treasure with you and a penguin to earn coins. If you see Rockhopper waddling around, make sure to get his free background by clicking on the box where you would usually add a buddy.

Aunt Arctic is the weekly advice columnist and chief editor for the Club Penguin Times. Every week she answers two questions sent to her by penguins from around the island. If you want to ask her a question, just look on the ‘Help’ section of the Penguin Times. Aunt Arctic is one of the oldest penguins in Club Penguin and she has just recently been able to meet her. She’s made appearances in 3 events so far. Penguin Play Awards ’09, Penguin Play Awards ’10 and the Christmas Party ’09. You don’t want to miss out on her background.

Gary the Gadget Guy, also known as ‘G’ is Club Penguin’s inventor. He makes all of the inventions around the island. He made the Pizzatron 3000 in the Pizza Parlour and he helped penguins fly by making the game ‘Jet Pack Adventure’. He made his first appearance at the Halloween Party ’08 as he built the ‘Monster Maker 3000’. He has only been spotted in 4 events so far. Halloween Party ’08, Halloween Party ’09, Penguin Play Awards and the Festival of Flight. Remember to get his background if you meet him.

Cadence, also know as ‘DJ K-Dance’ is the most ‘now’ penguin. She uses the expressions like ‘Lol’ and ‘Fail’. She is the penguin that is most like with us young penguins. Her home is the dance floor. She introduced the game ‘Dance Contest’ all the way back in January ’09. She has epic moves and loves to play lots of games with the penguins she meet. She has currently been at 3 events. Member Party ’09, Penguin Play Awards ’09 and Penguin Play Awards ’10. This is one penguin’s background that you don’t want to miss out on.

With G Billy on drums or flute, Petey K on piano or accordian, Stompin’ Bob on bass and Franky on guitar, the members of Penguin Band make quite a team. The Penguin Band is one of the island’s, and probably is the oldest Band on Club Penguin. With their great tunes, awesome rhythms this band is where it’s ‘appening. No-one knows when they were formed, but their first appearance was in July ’06 at the Wild West party. They have been to 4 events. Wild West Party ’06, Music Jam ’08, Music Jam ’09 and the Penguin Play Awards ’09. If you meet any band member, remember to get their awesome background.

The Sensei is a wise penguin who lives in the Dojo and instructs penguins on the way of the ninja. Very little is known about the mysterious character, but he is said to enjoy the arts and green tea, and can turn invisible whenever he wants to. He was first spotted up in the Mountains after the Dojo was hit by a storm during the Halloween Party ’08. He now teaches the way of the Fire Ninja as well as the Ninja. The Sensei does not go to events, but you he might be spotted at certain milestones during the Ninja journey. You could meet him only 2 times. A Training Weekend for the Ninja, July  ’09 and when the Fire Dojo was opened, November ’09. If you meet him, then you are very lucky.

Well, that’s all the mascots currently in Club Penguin. We hope that you’ll have fun trying to find these penguins. If you meet them, tell us what did they say to you. Or, what did they do. We’d love to know. Some of the backgrounds you can’t get anymore, but who knows. They might bring some back one day.


6 Responses

  1. Nice Rockhopper mini-guide, can’t wait to see the rest! 😀

  2. Again, looking awesome! Can’t wait to see Cadence’s bit! 😛

  3. looking good! ;D


  4. Again looking good!

  5. You forgot Fire sensei 😉

  6. No Fire Sensei background. 😉

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