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How To Become A Fire Ninja!

Here is a guide to become a Fire Ninja. You MUST be a Ninja and you MUST be a Ninja as the entrance to the Fire Dojo is in the Ninja Hideout and you have to buy the Amulet from the Ninja Catalog. If you are not a Ninja, Click Here!

Anyway here is the guide to becoming a Fire Ninja! Enjoy:

If you check your mailbox, Sensei has sent you a postcard!
1. When you enter the Fire Arena, go talk to Sensei.
2. When you’re talking to Sensei, he should give you a Fire Booster Deck.
3. Now that you have your cards, it’s time to begin your quest to become a Fire Ninja!!
4. When you start the battle, when it comes to your turn, you pick one of the stones in the middle.
5. Let’s use an example and say the stone says “4”. You will then move 4 spaces and your options will be Fire or Water. You choose Fire.
6. Your goal is to have the Fire Card with the largest number.
7. If you have the highest card, you’ve won and got to keep your energy!
8. You will keep playing until someone has 0 Energies. The person with the highest number of energies wins!
9. After 6-8 games, you will unlock the 1st piece of clothing. Here is the order:
  1.  Flame Sandals
  2.  Magma Coat
  3.  Lava Mask
  4.  Fiery Helmet

The game isn’t that hard! Keep trying and you will soon be a Fire Ninja! Have a great time playing the game with your friends!


10 Responses

  1. coooooooooooool! web site

  2. WOW ! Fun !

  3. can u tell us some cheats to become a ninja in about half an hour? other than that coooooooooooooooooooool

  4. Nice Im Going To Try Become A Ninja 😉

  5. I miss Yarr!
    I cant stop cring! cries

  6. Cool!

  7. wow cool thx

  8. I Really need some Help and AWSOME!!!!!

  9. Cool I dunno why i am looking here but i am already a fire ninja LOL

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