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How To Become A Ninja

Hello Penguins,

Are you ready to master the elements of Fire, Water and Ice? Do you want to become a Ninja? Then the time has come for YOU to become a Secret Ninja. All you’ve got to do is follow this guide. Shall we begin?

First, you must log into Club Penguin and go to the Dojo Courtyard to begin your Ninja journey. To do this, open up your map and click on the mountains.

Once in the Dojo Courtyard, go through the Big Double doors straight infront of you to enter the Dojo. You can’t miss the doors because they’re pretty big.

Once you are in the Dojo, you have to go talk to the Sensei who is sitting on the far-right of the room to get your Card-Jitsu Starter Deck. You cannot play Card-Jitsu without it.

To make sure you have got your Starter Deck, follow these simple steps so you know you have got it.

  1. Open Your Playercard
  2. Go Into Your Inventory
  3. Go To The ‘Awards’ Section
  4. Find Your Starter Deck

Once you have got your Starter Deck, you are ready to play Card-Jitsu. Just talk to the Sensei in the Dojo and click ‘Earn Your Belts’.

You will there be match against someone with the same ability. However, this is not always true. I once played a penguin who was a White belt and I was a Black Belt.

When you have found a player. The game has really started. To play this game, you must use the three elements. Fire, Water and Ice. This is how it works.

  • Fire Beats Ice
  • Ice Freezes Water
  • Water Burns Out Fire

That is how to play the game. You have to pick cards from your deck to play. Remember to take into account the elements. Take a card that you’d like to use from your deck at the bottom of the screen.

Once you’ve picked a card, you will compare your card with your opponents card. If you beat there element, then you keep your card. Also, if you have the same element, but a higher number. You still win.

You will then compare the elements. I had Fire and my opponent had Ice. So, I won. However, if we both had Fire, the higher number card would of won. Now, there are two ways of winning in this game. By getting an a different element in three different colours. Or, by having the same element in three different colours.

Once you have completed a couple of matches, you will earn your White Belt. There are nine Belts in total to collect.

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Black

When you have got your Black Belt, you are ready to challenge the  Sensei. You will play him a couple of times before you win usually. When you have defeated him, he’ll reward you with the Ninja Mask.

You can now also enter the Ninja Hideout. To do this, go to the Dojo Courtyard and hover your mouse over the Slab. It will then slide back revealing the Ninja Hideout.

Congratulations! You are now a Ninja. Go into the Secret Hideout to discover secret items and learn the way of the Fire Ninja. Click Here to go to the Fire Ninja guide.


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