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Club Penguin Earth Day Sneak Peek

Hello Penguins!

This week, starting April 22, Club Penguin will be celebrating Earth Day! For a long time we’ve heard from many of you who wanted the chance to help protect the environment on the island. This event is that chance!  Everyone will be able to pitch in and help. And there’s a special surprise too – a special room is being added that will stick around after the event is done! What kind of room is it? Well…

What do you think? How are you and your friends getting ready for the event? Let us know in the comments, and we hope you enjoy the event!

Dupple: I think it looks like the Recycling Plant that Club Penguin said will be there. Also, look to the bottom left-hand corner of the picture. There is an arrow which indicates a room. It’s not usually there, is it? So, I think that Club Penguin are building a path from the Forest to the Mine Shack. How do I know this? Because in the lastest issue of the Club Penguin Times, it saids. Take a look when you are on the island.

Until then… Waddle on!
-The Club Penguin Team


Club Penguin Series 8 Plush Toys

Hello Penguins,

Recently, I was searching around the internet when I  found some exclusive images of the upcoming, Series 8 Plush toys. That’s right. This means that Series 8 must be coming to the island really soon. I’m guessing in about the next 1-2 months. I’m so excited to see what will be in the Treasure Book. Well, let’s take a look at these awesome Plush toys, shall we?

How cool do they look? I can’t wait to buy them all. If you notice, they are mostly new toys apart from Rockhopper. Also, the Soccor player at the top, is it a boy or a girl. I have no idea. I’ve been trying to figure it out. Lol. I really want the Blue Dragon, what about you?

Comment your ideas about these Plush toys.

Club Penguin Igloo Catalogs

Hello Penguins,

It’s a new month, so that means that it’s time for the Igloo Catalogs. They are finally out. Woo hoo. This theme is all to do with Green and Matching Your Style. If you remember the sneak peeks we showed you earlier, they are in there. That’s why you should come to us for cheats. Anywho, wanna see?? Course ‘ya do.

They’re pretty cool, aren’t they? Now, I’m going to show you the new cheats in the ‘Better Igloos’ Catalog. Take a look below for them.

Click The Second Shelf To Get The Green Deck Chair – Page2:

Click The Rail On The Curtains To Get The Recycling Bin – Page 3:

Click The Lamp To Get The Green Bookcase – Page 3:

Click The Top Of The Green Vase To Get The HD T.V – Page 4:

Also, as there is only one new igloo in the ‘Igloo Upgrades’ catalog, I’d thought I’d show you it. It’s a cheat though and it is a really rare igloo aswell.

Click On The Plants In The Clover Igloo To Get The Bamboo Igloo – Page 6:

That’s all the new cheats in the catalog. I know that the HD T.V isn’t new, but it’s in a new place. So, I thought I’d post it. I think this Catalog is awesome. I really like the Cross-Hatched section. Have you seen it?

What do you think of this catalog? Comment your ideas.

Club Penguin Earth Day Preparations

Hello Penguins,

If you do not know, Club Penguin will be celebrating an event called ‘Earth Day’ this year. It’s when on the 22nd April – Earth Day – you do something that won’t harm the Earth. So, Club Penguin is celebrating it and there are some preparations already going on. Look.

How cool is that? I can’t wait for Earth Day now because it’s going to be epic. What do you think is going on at the Mine Shack? Is it preparations for the new room? Are they making some sort of plant room? Who knows. We’ll just have to wait and see.

What do you think it is? Comment.

Club Penguin Login Screen – Earth Day

Hello Penguins,

As you know, Earth Day is approaching Club Penguin very soon. So, to celebrate this amazing event where you help to save the Earth, Club Penguin has released a login screen. Wanna look? Are you sure? 100% sure? Positive? Are you bored of me asking questions? Haha…

Pretty cool, isn’t it? I love all of the penguins in this screen. The Earth Day penguin, the penguin watering the plants and the penguin with the Green Hard Hat. It works so well, don’t you think?

Do you like this login screen? Comment.

Club Penguin Times Issue #235

Hello Penguins,

It’s a new Thursday, so that means that it’s time for the new of…Club Penguin Times. Yippiee. There has been alot of talk about Earth Day and it’s true that Club Penguin will be celebrating Earth Day this year. It’s the first time Club Penguin will celebrate it. It’s rather odd that they are celebrating it, when they skipped some of the most important parties in Club Penguin. Weird, right?

So, it’s official that Earth Day will be celebrated this year. But, that’s not all that’s happening this week. We’ve got some things that you should check out in this week’s Issue.

  • Celebrate Earth Day – A2 – A3
  • New Room Coming To Club Penguin? – A4 – A5
  • In Focus: The Ski Lodge – B1 – B4
  • Upcoming Events – C7 – C8

(Don’t See The Image? Click Here)

That’s what’s been happening this week in Club Penguin. Remember to check out your igloo tomorrow for new Furniture & Better Igloo catalogs. I am sure that they will rock your socks off as we showed you the Sneak Peek last week. Didn’t see it? Click Here.

Thanks for reading Penguins.

Reviewed By You

Hello Penguins,

That’s right, it’s time for another……….*Drum Roll*……….Reviewed By You! This is the part where you get to have your say in the Community Blog. Now, last week’s question was:

What Are You And Your Buddies Up To?

Lots and lots and lots of penguins tried to get there commented posted, but here is what that lucky penguin said. Take it away Surf3r!

Me and my buddies always check out anything new on the island! We love to explore new rooms and play new games! We think the new outfits rock and we always wear them, especially the Green Hard Hat and the green suit with the water hose! It’s so much fun, I never ever want it to end! Waddle on Club Penguin!

Now, Earth Day is coming up very soon and at Club Penguin we are going to celebrate it. So, this week’s question is:

How Are You Going To Celebrate Earth Day At Home?

Remember to comment at the Community Blog your answer, and if you get picked you get 10,000 coins added to your account. Remember to give your name so they know who to add it to.